Comments from Leading New Testament Scholars

“The expertise of the editorial team is apparent on every page. . . . Groundbreaking. . . .”

–Geoffrey Horrocks, Professor Emeritus of Comparative Philology, University of Cambridge


“A first-rate edition of the New Testament text, behind which stands an extraordinary amount of work on the earliest Greek manuscripts. . . . Lucidly and handsomely presented. . . . A volume that all New Testament scholars will want to have on hand.”

–Simon Gathercole, Reader in New Testament Studies, University of Cambridge; Fellow and Director of studies in Theology, Fitzwilliam College


“Brings a new dimension among the recently growing number of scholarly editions of the Greek New Testament. Digital culture now leads scholars to regular confrontation with the manuscripts themselves. . . . It is thus welcome that The Greek New Testament edition brings to light a text anchored in the early textual tradition.”

–Claire Clivaz, Head of Digital Enhanced Learning, Vital-IT, Lausanne, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics


“A welcome addition to the tools available to students and scholars of the New Testament. A commendable distinguishing feature is the effort to represent more directly aspects of ancient manuscripts, such as the nature and placement of sense-unit divisions, which can be of particular relevance for exegesis.”

–Larry W. Hurtado, Professor Emeritus of New Testament Language, Literature, and Theology, School of Divinity (New College), University of Edinburgh


“With meticulous care, the editors have consulted the extensive early Greek manuscripts of the New Testament writings. . . . An important reference tool that will be widely consulted and cited by all scholars concerned with the physical text of the New Testament in the earliest recoverable period. Scholars and readers of the Greek New Testament are indebted to the editors for this magnificent edition.”

–Paul Foster, Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins, University of Edinburgh